The Best Blenders Of 2017-2018

The Best Blenders of 2017-2018

The Best Blenders Of 2017-2018

What do you think makes a blender the “Best”? Do you have a list of functions and features that your “Best” blender has? How about design style, power, blade and container design, size, versatility, durability, or speed? Or is there something else that would convince you to put a certain blender on the list of The Best Blenders of 2017-2018? Read below to see which ones made my list and why.

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How To Use A Blender – Smoothies And More

NutriNinja blender, vegetables and nuts

Did you buy your blender just to make smoothies? Not judging you or downgrading the making of smoothies, smoothies are wonderful all on their own. I just want to point out that your blender is a very versatile machine. From the smallest hand blender to the largest commercial unit, blenders can be used for much more than making smoothies. After making your morning smoothie, why let it just sit idle on the counter or in the cupboard when it could be whipping up great additions to any meal. So, here are my top 15 uses for and tips on How To Use A Blender. Continue reading “How To Use A Blender – Smoothies And More”

How Does A Blender Work?

How Does A Blender Work? - picture of a blender

How Does A Blender Work?

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your blender to make your favorite fruits and veggies turn from a solid to a delicious liquid? Maybe you watch, fascinated, as the solid food swirls around inside the jar changing appearance until your “Green Goodness Smoothie” is perfectly finished ready to enjoy and improve your health and fitness. This post, “How Does A Blender Work?”, explains the inner secret. Continue reading “How Does A Blender Work?”

What Can You Make With A Blender

blender with food

What Can You Make With A Blender?

People have asked me if a blender is only for making smoothies and drinks. The answer is that the blender is a very versatile small kitchen appliance and can make a lot more than just smoothies and drinks. What Can You  Make With A Blender? Here’s a list of just a few things. Find the full recipes by clicking the blue links or go to the drop-down menus under the “Recipe” tab at the top of the page. Continue reading “What Can You Make With A Blender”