How To Use A Blender – Smoothies And More

Did you buy your blender just to make smoothies? Not judging you or downgrading the making of smoothies, smoothies are wonderful all on their own. I just want to point out that your blender is a very versatile machine. From the smallest hand blender to the largest commercial unit, blenders can be used for much more than making smoothies. After making your morning smoothie, why let it just sit idle on the counter or in the cupboard when it could be whipping up great additions to any meal. So, here are my top 15 uses for and tips on How To Use A Blender.



  1. Hollandaise and Béarnaise Sauces

    Click on the link Blender Sauces And Dips Recipes for these and other great recipes.

  2. Tip #1 Easy way to clean your blender –

    After every use clean by putting a cup of water and 2 drops of household detergent into the blender and blend on high for 1 minute (or on the “Clean” setting if your blender has one). Empty and rinse the blender jar complete with blade assembly thoroughly under the hot water tap. The soap and hot water will sanitize the jar. This should be done as soon as possible after use before the contents have a chance to dry out. Once a week disassemble the jar and blade assembly and run through a dishwasher cycle to remove any food residue that may have gotten trapped in between.

  3. Dairy or non-dairy whipping cream

    Begin with thoroughly chilled cream and blending jar, whip on “Medium” setting (or low if medium-speed is not on your blender), add sugar or flavorings to taste. Continue blending on high speed. Test by taking a spoonful and dropping on a clean plate. The cream is whipped when peaks form. Substitute coconut milk plus a tsp of vanilla, to make non-dairy whipped cream and substitute honey, agave, stevia or maple syrup for the sugar, if desired.

  4. Tip #2 Extra blending jars

     can easily and cheaply be found at the local store. Mason jars have the same size thread as your blender. Twist your blade assembly onto the bottom of your blending jar after filling with ingredients. Invert and fasten onto your blender for a personal single-serve cup.

  5. Shredded Meat

    Save yourself some time and labor by shredding cooked chicken or pork in the blender on pulse mode instead of using a fork.

  6. Tip #3 Hot liquids

    How To Use A Blender - Epic Personal Blender with smoothie
    Can damage blending jars and the seals that keep liquids away from motors in the power bases. Use an immersion blender for this task or if you don’t have one, blend soups, sauces and hot chocolate in a cooled state. There is one surprising exception to this rule. Click to learn more about the inexpensive but feature-packed Epica Personal Blender.


  7. Sorbet

    Blend frozen strawberries, blueberries, banana or your favorite fruit with buttermilk or almond milk, lemon juice and sugar or sugar substitute. Top with whipped cream, if desired. Keep frozen until ready to serve.

  8. Tip #4 Layering

    Layer from the softest at the bottom to hardest at the top, adding liquid first or last (it will end up at the bottom in any case). The softest ingredients will blend first and create the necessary vortex to pull harder produce down to the blades where they will be pulverized.

  9. Mayonnaise

    Egg yolks, a squeeze of lemon juice,How To Use A Blender - Mayo on bread with veggies salt, and some oil, that’s all it takes to make mayonnaise. But is it easy, no. Using an immersion blender and very gradually adding oil is the secret. The immersion blender ensures more reliable and results. Most important, add the oil a teaspoon or two at a time, then blend, add another teaspoon, blend, and repeat adding the lemon juice and salt at the end. Homemade mayo doesn’t store as long as store bought so only make small quantities at a time.

  10. Tip #5 Noise

    Reduce the noise of countertop and commercial blenders (they are all noisy) by placing the power base on a folded towel or silicone mat. This also keeps the machine from trying to “walk” around the smooth countertop due to vibration.

  11. Pie crust

    How To Use A Blender - Pie CrustIn a blender? Yes, really! Check out the recipe on my Blender Dessert Recipes page.


  12. Tip #6 Sweetness

    Green smoothies can be bitter but you don’t want to ruin this healthy drink with sugar, do you? Try fruit with its natural sweetness. Strawberries, pineapple, oranges or bananas are great choices. Add a little lemon or lime juice to help counteract the bitterness. Enjoy.

  13. Nut butter

    Make your own peanut, cashew or almond butter easily in your blender. Try 1-1/2 cups each of peanuts and cashews, blend on lowest speed gradually increasing to high speed using a tamper to press the ingredients into the blades. After about a minute, the motor will change sound from a high pitch to a low sound like it’s having difficulty turning. Stop the machine and store the nut butter in an airtight container.

  14. Tip #s 7, 8, 9

    Keep your lid on or risk making a mess all over your kitchen. Cut whole food into evenly sized chunks to make it easier on your blender for a shorter blending time and a longer life. Don’t assume your blender can handle ice cubes or hot liquids, read the manufacturers user manual to find out the temperature limits and stay within them. When things wear out, as they will, purchase spare parts online and fix it yourself, most of the wearable parts are easy to change.

  15. and 10

Find out which blender is best for you. Click Here to read my blenders info page.

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  1. OMG, what a great article! I had no idea that my blender has so many uses! I really like the idea of homemade mayonnaise, sounds awesome, and I’m also a little shocked at the idea of shredding the meat! I’m going to give it a try and if it works, this idea is just brilliant! Sorbet also sounds realy really good!

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