Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Review

Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Review

Would you like the convenience of both a large, powerful countertop blender as well as a personal blender to quickly make your morning smoothie? Two blenders in one? The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 quickly blends large quantities of food for breakfasts, soups, appetizers, sides, main dishes, and even desserts. It also has two personal sized cups with to-go lids so you can take your smoothie along with you wherever your busy life takes you.

Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Review - Ninja Professional Blender BL660


Name: Ninja Professional Blender BL660
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Owners: SharkNinja Operating LLC
CEO: Mark Rosenzweig
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 doubles down with two sizes of blender container, personal and family sized. Use it as a countertop unit or just for yourself.

It comes with 3-speeds, plus pulse and single-serve, and a powerful 1100-watt motor.

The 72-ounce Total Crushing pitcher and blades are designed for turning ice into snow in seconds. It is large enough for a large family (6 to 9 servings) as well as for your next party.

The two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups come with to-go lids getting you out of the door in a hurry with your drink in hand.

The pitcher and cups are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup.


  • Powerful
  • Total Crushing Technology
  • 2 blenders in 1, countertop and personal
  • XLarge capacity pitcher
  • 2 personal sized cups with to-go lids
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Motor overload protection


  • Noisy
  • Not made for hot liquids, and not microwave-safe so soups and sauces must be heated in separate pots or pans after blending
  • Lid is hard to remove
  • Very large, but it’s 2 blenders in one

What Is It Used For?

The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 can make:

  • smoothies
  • shakes
  • frozen drinks
  • ice cream
  • snow cones
  • purées
  • ice cream
  • refreshers
  • dips
  • fondues
  • mayonnaise
  • nut butter
  • sauces
  • salsas
  • syrup
  • batters
  • dressings
  • and more

Who Is This Blender For Or Not?

If you are looking for a dual purpose blender that can make a morning smoothie in seconds to take with you whenever and wherever you go; if you are looking to make meals for your family or group of friends. Then, the  Ninja Professional Blender BL660 is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a blender that does just one of these tasks, then click on the link to check out my smallkitchenappliancesforyou/blenders page to find what you are looking for.

Attachments And AccessoriesNinja Professional Blender BL660 Review - stacked blade

The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 comes with:

  • 1100-watt power base
  • Total Crushing Technology stainless steel stacked blades
  • Pitcher (72 oz.)
  • Two Nutri Ninja Cups (16 oz.) with To-Go Lids
  • 1-year warranty

Additional accessories are available at

Customer Reviews

Average 4.4 out of 5 stars (83% = 4 or 5 out of 5 stars)

By Ronald J. Weagley on May 11, 2017
Style Name: 1100 Watts with Single Serve/Verified Purchase

We replaced an expensive blender ($400) that died after 5 or 6 years (old blender died with metal shot flying out everywhere) with this blender. We researched many more expensive ones and then decided to try this one versus buying another $400 or $500 blender. It is very powerful and straightforward to use. It is powerful and easy to clean too. We really like the cups that come with it for a quick personal smoothie! The design for pouring is very nice also! We have had no issues chopping up ice, ice cream, sherbet, yogurt, and fruit (apples that were sliced, bananas, avocados, pears that were sliced, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, celery, peanut butter, peanuts and a lot more. It has been two months using it and we really are glad we purchased this blender as it does everything we need – smoothies, shakes, desserts, puddings, and energy drinks!

By Amazon Customer on August 12, 2017
Style Name: 1100 Watts with Single Serve/Verified Purchase

Just okay. Considering it has enough blades to chop through bones, it takes too long to blend a simple smoothie. Yes, I use the single serve for one. But when using the larger vessel, it does not perform very well. You have to be careful when cleaning with all the blades on this unit. Would not recommend for older people. (I am one)

By Elena S. on September 21, 2015
Style Name: 1100 Watts with Single Serve/Verified Purchase

I use this EVERY morning since we’ve bought it a month ago and I am so happy with the design, safety, and convenience.
Thanks to its 3-level blade the entire volume gets processed evenly w/o necessity of opening the lid, pushing down stubborn unchopped pieces and restarting the process.
We use it for all-fruit & greens smoothies every day and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other model.
Cleaning it is a bling, since the blades unit is “drop-in” and therefore come out easily, w/o a need to unscrew it from the bottom like in other conventional blenders.
And yes, you cannot start it w/o the lid secured on, which is VERY important in my household with two overly-curious toddlers exploring the world of mischief around the kitchen.

Single serve bullets come handy as well, even though we don’t use it very often.

By Amazon Customer on October 25, 2017
Style Name: 1100 Watts with Single Serve/Verified Purchase

So when my husband bought this I got upset because it’s expensive plus it was absolutely huge but then I realized that it came with like a bullet sized version of the blender part with a small blade and everything and it’s perfect! Easy to clean and use if it’s just 1 smoothie you’re making, not so heavy and intimidating. Plus if I wanted to make enough for both of us the big version is there too. It’s honestly the quality of the blenders we used when I worked at a smoothie place. Although I will say if you have minimal bench real estate then this is not for you.

My Final Opinion

So, for those that want multi-functionality from their appliances and need a  countertop blender as well as a personal blender. I give the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 an 85 out of 100 and a highly recommended Buy.

Learn more about other types and brands, read my blenders page.

Do you have an opinion on the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 based on your personal experience that you would like to share? Please leave it or any questions in the comments box below.

2 Replies to “Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Review”

  1. Hi there,

    Great review!

    I have a blender, but it doesn’t do the half of what the Ninja does:) Mine has only one small knife, and it doesn’t have that much power too. Wow, I am really impressed!
    I saw what the Ninja Blender could do on the video, and it helped me decide to buy this item. I can not go wrong with this blender. It is a real Ninja! I will show it to my husband, I am sure he will love it too. And we may buy it for Chrismas time:)

    Is there a warranty? If so, how long is it?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Daniella,

      Thanks for the kind comments, so glad I could be of help finding the best blender for you. I am sure your husband will love it too.

      The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


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