NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender















  • Powerful
  • Smart
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Measures and Tracks Nutritional Intake
  • Virtual Personal Nutritionist
  • Healthy


  • Intermittent connectivity/synch issues
  • Only synchs with Apple Health and FitBit

Are you trying for a healthier lifestyle? The NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender is designed to help you achieve it. It connects to an app on your smart device that allows you to monitor the nutritional value of your smoothie. It also extracts the maximum nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your fruit and veggies. Read my detailed review below to see if this is what you are looking for.

Name:NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender
Price:See Amazon link below for current price
Owner: NutriBullet, LLC
CEO: Colin Sapire
Rating: 88 out of 100

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Overview

How does the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender help you live a healthier lifestyle?

With its built-in smart sensor based on ingredient volume, it calculates the nutritional values that are most important to you such as:

  • calories
  • protein
  • carbs
  • fat
  • sugar
  • and more

Its NutriBullet Balance app downloaded to your smart device allows you to set and track goals, keep tabs on what groceries you need, and customize your shopping list.

You can upload your nutrition data to Apple Health and Google Fit.

Also with the app, you can personalize the consistency of your smoothies. The app determines the speed and duration of the blending cycle with one of six algorithms.

And if that isn’t enough, choose desserts, soups, dips, as well as smoothies from the 300+ recipes that come with it.

The Evolution of Blending: NutriBullet Balance

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Features

The NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender is equipped with:

  • Powerful 1200-watt motor that pulverizes even the toughest ingredients.
  • Smart Sensor Scale for precise measurement of the ingredients you put into the blender. You don’t need a separate food scale.
  • State-of-the-art Bluetooth 2.0 connection for communication with your smart device.
  • Anti-slip Suction Legs for hands-free operation.
  • LED-lit Power Button.
  • Insulated, Matte Finish Base that is sturdy and leak-free for easy cleaning.
  • Contoured Easy-Grip Rubber Base makes holding, carrying, and moving easier.


The “colossal cups” included with the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender make up to 7 servings of fruit and vegetables per smoothie. The recommended daily allowance is 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies. You can get your full days allowance with just 1 smoothie.

The cups come with soft comfort sipping lids or To-Go lids for quick make-and-go convenience.

The physical size does not take up a lot of counter space. A great small kitchen appliance.


Powered by a 1200-watt motor, the NutriBullet Balance is a high-performance blender. Its cyclonic action is designed to extract a high amount of nutrients for healthy smoothies. NutriBullet calls them NutriBlasts.

It is designed to work with liquids along with the other ingredients. Crushing ice is not recommended. To make cold beverages, blend frozen fruit or veggies or use a maximum of 25% crushed ice by volume with water or other liquid up to the MAX fill line.


NutriBullet Balance: How it works

The NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender takes the guesswork out of making smoothies. No more recipe books, measuring cups or eating programs.

With the BALANCE app downloaded, connect your device to the NutriBullet Balance via Bluetooth.

As you add ingredients to the blender cup the NutriBullet Balance tracks nutritional information and sends it to the app. Instantly you will know the calories, carbs, protein, fat, sodium, and more, contained in your drink.

Let the app calibrate for premium texture output or customize to your personal taste.

Press the GO BLEND button on the app and watch the seconds count down while the NutriBullet makes the perfect NutriBlast smoothie.

Nutritional information is stored on your smart device for tracking and managing your healthy diet.


Cleaning the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender is easy. The blender cups and blades are dishwasher-safe.

The power base only needs to be wiped down with a damp dishcloth.

The blade holder and gasket can be hand washed in warm soapy water and then rinsed clean.

If food residue has dried in the blender cup and extractor blade assembly simply fill 2/3 full with warm, soapy water and run for 30 – 40 seconds. Rinse with clean, warm water and air dry. You’re good to go for the next smoothie.


The NutriBullet Balance is a very attractive blender with a stainless steel blue LED that stands out on the Black Matte power base. You will be proud to display this unit prominently on your countertop. 


2 x 32-oz. Colossal Cups
Plastic, metal
1 Manual + Variable auto controlled by App
120VAC, 60 Hz.
15.8″ (40.1 cm) x 7.4″ (18.8 cm) x 14.4″ (36.8 cm)
9.77 lbs. (4.43 kg.)

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Pros and Cons

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender Review - Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up


  • Powerful
  • Healthy
  • Smart
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Measures ingredients
  • Stores nutritional info on App
  • Easy to clean
NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender Review - Thumbs Down
Thumbs Down


  • BALANCE App needs more development. Inaccurate data for some ingredients and no way to add data for missing (uncommon) ingredients.
  • Some complaints about intermittent problems synching with other apps e.g. Fitbit, and lack of other apps that synch with it.

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – What Is It Used For?

Use the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender to make NutriBlasts like:

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender Review - NutriBlast
  • Toxin Cleaning Blast
  • Immune Booster
  • Protein Powerhouse
  • Peachy Pick-me-up
  • Tropical Tonic
  • Energy Elixer
  • Longevity Elixir
  • Antioxidant Fusion
  • Get Up and Goji
  • Life Boost Blast
  • Digestive Health Elixer
  • Liver and Colon Tonic
  • Free Radical Fighter
  • and more

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Attachments and Accessories

The following attachments come with the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender:

  • 1200-watt Power Base with Smart Nutrition Sensor
  • 2 Colossal Cups (32-oz.)
  • 2 Comfort Lip Rings
  • 1 Stainless Steel Precision Extractor Blade
  • 2 Flip-Top To-Go Lids
  • 1 User Guide & Manual

Accessories available, ordered separately:

  • NutriBullet Organic Pea Protein Blend Tub
  • SuperFood Cleansing Greens
  • SuperFood Burning Boost

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Customer Reviews

[scrapeazon asin="B0773P3WN5"]

Fakespot analysis of Amazon customer reviews indicates over 80% to be of high-quality for a Grade B rating.

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Who Is This Blender For Or Not?

The NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender is for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. The ability to track your nutritional intake real-time automatically will definitely be of benefit. How many smoothies have you made that you thought were healthy but were actually 1,000+ calories?

The NutriBullet Balance lets you know at a glance how many calories, carbs, fat, protein, sugar, and other nutrients are in your drink. And the Balance app on your smart device stores the data so you can see how you’re doing over time.

It is also a great blender with 1200-watts and cyclonic action to extract maximum nutritional value from the ingredients that you put in. And if you are in a hurry, it has two colossal (32-oz.) cups with “make-and-go” lids. Take your smoothies wherever you go as soon as you finish making them.

However, not all people will like using an app for this. No problem NutriBullet and other manufacturers make other blender models that do not have this advanced technology. There are many other models with different wonderful features.

Learn more in my blog post, The Best Blenders Of 2017-20.

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender – Verdict

NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender - Verdict

So, if you are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle by watching what you are eating and drinking, then the NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender has the tool that you need.

For anyone that is looking for a blender that looks after their nutrition with the latest technology, I highly recommend the NutriBullet Balance and give it 88 out of 100.

Click the links below to Buy yours from Amazon.

Do you have a NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender? Please share your experience and opinion about this amazing blender with us. Leave a comment or question in the comment box below.

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  1. The NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender sounds amazing! When it first caught my eye- my first though was “why would you need a Bluetooth blender?” But you explain why so perfectly! I blend smoothies every morning and this blender would make my life so much easier! I love how you answer all my questions and even provide product reviews as well as pros and cons – great article!

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