Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 Review

Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0

Are you looking for a large, high-performance blender that will blend lots of smoothies from whole fruits and veggies all at one time? And also make more than just smoothies? The Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 blends smoothies, frozen drinks and desserts, shakes, dips and spreads, soup, nut milk, and much more. It also purées, chops, and grinds. It has a fast, powerful motor and large capacity blending jar to quickly take care of that large family or thirsty party.

 Name:  Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0
Website: www.oster.com
Price: Hover your mouse on the Amazon buttons for current prices
Owners: Newell Brands
CEO: Michael B. Polk
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

For more information on the Oster Company read the Wikipedia – Sunbeam Products article.

Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 Review - Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0


Product Overview

The Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 is sturdily built. Older models came in black only. The newer model comes in black with red trim and a shorter, squatter blending jar. Both old and new jars have a large 64-ounce capacity. The unit has rubber feet to keep it from sliding around while blending.

Motor and Controls

The Oster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 is powered by a 1400-watt peak power motor that spins the blades at a very fast 28,000 RPMs.

There are 3 built-in preprogrammed speed settings, smoothies, dips/spreads, and soup. An 8-speed variable manual dial adjusts speeds from very low to fast for precise control. It also has a pulse control button.

The motor is protected from overloading and overheating and by internal protection devices. If the machine stops because of overload, you have to wait for 30 – 45 minutes before restarting. Better than having to buy a new appliance.

All-Metal Drive

The drives of some blenders are made from plastic or a combination of plastic and metal. The Oster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 has an all-metal drive for strength, durability and longer life.

Blending Jar and Tamper

The Oster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 comes with a 64-ounce blending jar and tamper. Until the jar is properly seated in the blender base, the unit will not start. The newer container is shorter than the older models, 9-3/8″ vs 12-1/4″ which allows it to be stored assembled (17-5/8″)  underneath most kitchen cupboards. The jar has a 2-ounce center plug with measurement markings. The plug allows you to easily add ingredients during processing. And the tamper is made to fit in through the hole in the lid.

The lid is a very tight fit, some say too tight, but better tight than too loose. You don’t have to hold onto a tight lid like a loose one to keep it from coming off and splattering the blender’s contents all over your kitchen counter.

Components are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

BladesOster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 - View from top of jar showing blades

The very sharp stainless steel blades are built-in to the base of the blender jar. This prevents leakage, a common complaint about other blenders. It also adds to the durability of the all-metal drive system. The blades spin at an incredible top speed of 250 mph.


Like all centrifugal type blenders, this one is loud. Most centrifugal blenders are noisy, but the Oster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 is noisier than many others.


  • Large container – 64-ounces
  • Fast – 28,000 RPMs
  • Powerful – 1400-watts
  • All-metal drive components
  • Stainless steel blades built-in to base of blending jar
  • Easy to assemble, use, take-apart and clean
  • 7-year limited warranty


  • Large footprint
  • 16″ power cord is very short, hard to find a place to put it near a power outlet
  • 17-5/8″ height may not fit under some kitchen cupboards, mine are 17-1/2″:(
  • Noisy
  • Negative comments about high failure rate, more than many other high-performance blenders – but good customer support in many cases and backed by a 7-year warranty

What Is It Used For?

The Oster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 is used for:

  • smoothies
  • crushed iceOster VERSA Pro blender BLSTVB-RV0 - woman holding drinks
  • cocktails and other frozen drinks
  • ice cream and snow cones
  • purées
  • hummus
  • pesto
  • shakes
  • dips and spreads
  • hot soups
  • batters
  • syrup
  • fondues
  • nut butter
  • sauces
  • salsas
  • dressings
  • and more

Who Is This Blender For Or Not?

Are you looking for a powerful, fast, family sized countertop blender that can handle pretty much anything you can throw into it? Then look no further, the Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 is all of the above. It is also versatile, well-built and will last a long time in your kitchen.

However, do you have a small kitchen or smaller, more individual needs? Then click on the link to check out my Small Kitchen Appliances For You – Blenders page to find what you are looking for.

Attachments And Accessories

The Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 comes with:

  1. 1400-watt power base with 3 pre-set program buttons, 8 manual variable speed dial settings plus pulse
  2. Large BPA-free, dishwasher-safe (64 oz.) blending jar with 6-prong inbuilt blade design
  3.  2 cookbooks in color – Fresh and Fit Recipes and Gourmet Cuisine
  4. 7-year warranty

Spare Parts and additional accessories are available at the Oster website.

Customer Reviews

Average 3.9 out of 5 stars (73% = 4 or 5 out of 5 stars)

By A. Mark on September 26, 2015
Style Name: Short Jar/Verified Purchase

This is a good looking and powerful blender. It does a great job on smoothies and can chop up the ingredients very finely. The long warranty and metal to metal mechanics were a deciding factor in the purchase. There are only two drawbacks that we noticed. 1.) the blender pitcher is plastic and not dishwasher safe but it is pretty easy to clean by running some soap and water through it. 2.) The tamper on our blender was too long and would start to grind itself up if pressed down when running the blender. This was easily solved by using a saw to cut off roughly 1/4″ of the tamper but still a rather large oversight on the part of the manufacturer.

By Kindle Customer on April 4, 2014
Style Name: Short Jar/Verified Purchase

Can I afford a Vitamix? Yes. Do I want to pay that much for a blender if there is a less expensive, comparable alternative? Hell NO. I did a lot of research on blenders and I concluded that this one was the best to try. One aspect that sold me was the 7-year warranty which gave me confidence at the gate. The day I received it, I immediately started to experiment, smoothies made with kale were SMOOTH. Need crushed ice? You get snow. Almond butter anyone? Coming right up.

I wasn’t offended by the noise…my juicer is much, much noisier. Easy to clean? CHECK! I spent more time than I should have done looking at goofy videos comparing the degree of “smoothness” obtained with various blenders. There are WAY too many people who obsess about the smoothness of their smoothies. There’s definitely a contingent of borderline “WEIRD” Vitamix devotees. To those, I say “step aside…the Versa is here!”

By Mulligan on April 30, 2017
Style Name: Short Jar/Verified Purchase

Original: Ordered this blender for Christmas over other more expensive options. The performance was OK but not as impressive as advertised at wirecutter.com and other electronic review sites. 3 months later the blender died. No previous mechanical issues with the blender, no undue wear and tear. We used it about once a week to make smoothies and salad dressing. One day I woke up and tried to make a smoothie and the blender wouldn’t work. I tried all the troubleshooting issues in the manual and found online and nothing has worked. This blender has less than 20 uses over the time period. I emailed Oster customer service a week ago and have yet to receive a response.

I would not recommend this product and I would not recommend Oster.

Edit: I called Oster’s warranty line after not hearing back from them. They were helpful and offered to immediately replace the unit at no cost to me. Based on the excellent customer service I was given over the phone, I’m tentatively re-rating at 3 stars in the hope that my issue was just a fluke. I will update again if I have issues or if the blender makes it a year without significant problems.

By Yashana on March 2, 2017
Style Name: Short Jar/Verified Purchase

Awesome blender. I have been through 3 blenders (one a Kitchenaid) which were pretty much used for shakes and smoothies. The 3 just couldn’t perform reliably to make these 2 mainstays but I used them until, mercifully, they wore out. I didn’t want to make the financial investment in a Vitamix. The Versa was my second choice when I decided against the Vitamix. I could not be more pleased with its power and function. Perfect smoothies and shakes…the family immediately noticed the difference! The recipe book accompanying it is truly useful (unlike some appliance cookbooks).

Don’t hesitate to purchase this appliance. It is heavy, sturdy, and has metal attachments for the pitcher. The pitcher is plastic but if it was glass it would be too heavy for me (I have arthritis in my hands and wrists). It is very easy to use and the plunger to occasionally push food down is just the right length to avoid the blades. After using this for 30 days, nearly every day, I realize that the Versa should have been my first choice!

My Final Opinion

So, for those that are looking for a versatile, durable blender with size, power, and control that blends a variety of foods I give the Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 an 80 out of 100 and a recommended Buy.

Learn more about other types and brands, read my blenders page.

Do you have an opinion on the Oster VERSA Pro Blender BLSTVB-RV0 based on your personal experience that you would like to share? Leave it in the comments box below.

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  1. Great post! I have always been a fan of Oster and this looks like another fine product. I like the fact that the drive components are all metal. This is probably the most important feature to me. I have had many appliances fail due to plastic parts that wear out, and if they had been metal, the appliance would still be running!

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