What’s the best blender?

Today let’s discuss the question, What’s The Best Blender. This is a tricky question because there are several types of blenders. Blenders are made for different users and different uses so the question should really be “What’s The Best Blender For You?”. Read on to learn more.

What is a blender?

Merriam-Webster defines a blender as:

“one that blends; especially :an electric appliance for grinding or mixing. a food blender.”

What are the four types of blender?

The four types of blenders are immersion, personal, conventional and high performance.

Immersion Blenders

What's The Best Blender - Photo of immersion blender

An immersion blender aka hand, handheld, stick, or wand blender is a small blender with the motor at the top and blades at the bottom. The ingredients are put into a bowl and the blade end is put into the ingredients and turned on. You chop, shred or liquefy ingredients to the desired consistency with the blender.

It has lower power than other types, so use it for small portions. It is quick and easy to clean, but not good for hard, bulky food products. If not used carefully, it can splatter and make a mess.

People often confuse hand blenders with hand mixers. Hand mixers combine or mix ingredients whereas hand blenders primarily turn solids into liquids. Blenders also chop or shred ingredients.

Many immersion blenders come with or have available, extra attachments for use as food choppers or food processors.

What blender is best immersion blender for the money? See the immersion blender reviews page for our top choices.

Personal Blenders

What's The Best Blender - Epica blender, smoothie

Personal blenders are larger than immersion blenders with more power. They are ideal for making personal size smoothies, sauces, purees, dressings, and shakes, for one or two people.

Personal blenders stand alone on a counter or table, mostly work hands-free and come with a detachable container. You have to push down on the container of some personal blenders to make them run.

The container usually comes with a secure lid for use as a travel cup. They are generally easy to clean and dishwasher friendly but wipe the motor bases clean with a damp cloth to avoid damage by immersion in water.

Generally, they are not designed for continuous use as iced drink makers for margaritas or such at your party but are great for the occasional after work/ before dinner cocktail.

Different blades and attachments make some personal blenders into food choppers or food processors.

Some are “smart” and take the guesswork out of blending with built-in programs that pulse, pause and blend in order to produce the best final result without your intervention.

What’s the best blender for making smoothies? Click here to check out our personal blender reviews page.

Countertop Blenders

What's The Best Blender - Typical Countertop Blender

Larger and more powerful than immersion and personal blenders are the countertop blenders. These are also called conventional or professional blenders.

These are the type most suitable for use in family sized households to chop, mix, puree and liquefy food. Make soup, salsa, sauces, cocktails, frappuccinos, and smoothies. You can also use them to turn dry ingredients into powder for spices and nut-butters.

Although large and powerful, the best ones are not disagreeably noisy. They come in multi-speed or variable speed. Container sizes range from 2 to 8 cup capacity.  Depending on your needs try to choose one that isn’t too tall to use under your cabinets or too heavy to pull in and out of cupboards for each use.

Countertop blenders also come in packages with additional attachments to convert them into complete multi-function kitchen systems. They can blend, chop, process, and even spiralize vegetables. They are available with multiple sizes of blending jars from personal size up to gargantuan 72-oz pitchers.

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High-Performance Blenders

What's The Best Blender - Typical commercial blender.

High performance or commercial blenders are more costly than conventional blenders. However, their power and size make them capable of doing the toughest blending jobs continuously without danger of overloading. Or worse, breaking down in the middle of preparing for a large gathering and ruining all your hard work.

They have powerful motors 2 hp and up,  and large capacity containers 7.5 to 10 cups. They are large, expensive, heavy, and moderately loud to very loud. Cleaning tends to be hard because of the depth of the container.

But for doing the hardest blending jobs the end result is awesome. The sauces, soups, smoothies, cocktail mixes and whatever else you can dream up are smooth and restaurant quality.

If you need the best blender for the most demanding results at home, without spending $1000’s of dollars, click here, to find our choices for the best high-performance commercial blenders.

What's The Best Blender - 4 types of blenders, immersion blender, personal blender, countertop blender, commercial blender

What’s The Best Blender? – Conclusion

So, what are you looking for? What’s the best blender for you?

Do you want a small blender for soups, sauces, yogurt, salad dressings, etc. in small portions? One that can be used in the same container that you are using for serving or cooking? If so, one of the many great immersion blenders should take care of your needs.

Looking for a blender for a quick smoothie for just yourself or you and your partner? A blender that makes a drink in a blending cup that you take-and-go with you on your jog, to the gym, to work or wherever. Sounds like you need a personal blender.

How about something bigger and more powerful? A blender that will make almost anything you can think of for the whole family? One that will blend in quantity for your next party? So the best blender for you is the countertop blender.

Still not big or powerful enough? Maybe you are in the bar, catering or restaurant business, like me. You need something large and powerful, that can be used continuously throughout the day. In that case, you need a commercial blender.

I hope that I’ve been able to help you find What’s The Best Blender for you. Links to review pages of individual types of blenders are in blue letters and underlined in the text above. Please feel free to click on them and browse the site in order to find more help in making your choices.

Was this article helpful to you? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please post your comments or questions in the comment box below and I’ll be happy to respond.

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6 Replies to “What’s the best blender?”

  1. Hey there thanks for sharing this useful information ..
    As a mom of six month old baby I know how much blenders are necessary item in my kitchen and shipping for one isn’t really easy as it seems .. I prefer to get the vegetables and the fruits and make him a home made meal when I know exactly what’s in there ..
    So for all u new mamas this article is definitely helpful and recommended!

  2. Hey there! I found your article very interesting and informative. I didn’t know that there’s different type of blenders. I always buy smoothie and protein shake. And I feel that I’m already spending too much money with smoothie and buying a blender is the best way to save money. I’ll try buy a personal blender so that I can do different types of smoothies.

    1. Hi John, TThanks for the comment, glad that I could help you out. Have a look at my review page to assist in the decision of which blender to buy that would work best for you. 


  3. I am in the market for a blender for my thick soups and thought I would need a high-performance blender without having to worry about break-downs or overloading.

    But when I looked at the immersion blenders, I realized that those would probably work for me as well. No reason why I can’t use the immersion blender in the large pot of soup, and blend it before it even comes out of the pot.

    Great ideas and thank you for making my life easy!

    1. Thanks for your comment and yes the immersion blender will work fine for you. A word of caution especially if you’re going to use it in hot soup. Make sure the blender is off before putting it into and taking it out. Because there is no cover, they can splash product all over you and the surrounding area if your’e not careful. I make it a habit to actually have it unplugged unless it is fully immersed which has saved me numerous clean ups!

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